English – The wine, the world and us.

You can watch the film with english subtitles at Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/elvinoelmundoynosotros

A feature documentary about the recent history of Sherry, the most British of wines. An economic and social chronicle of Sherry in the twentieth century. Rise, fall and resurection of the most British of Spanish wines. A glocal wine story.


The 20th century radically changed the way we produce, trade and consume products from all over the planet.

Millennial industries – like some Mediterranean wines – fell by the wayside.

In 2009 the director of this documentary – born in the original Sherry wine production area – began to collect first-hand accounts of what life had been like around this great industry. By those days, within decades 4 out of every 5 jobs, companies or vineywards had been lost. After the testimonies, he began to spend time with winemakers and to film throughout the seasons traditional and industrial scenes of what was Sherry wine at the 21st century.

Formally «The wine, the world and us» is a very traditional documentary. In it´s content it offers an unusual, close, direct and very real view of wine industry and trade in recent decades.


The film was premiered in november 2019 at the Most Penedès Film Festival in Catalonia: in the season 19/20 Most was the international reference festival among those dedicated to the culture of vineyards and wine. We were awarded with the INTERNATIONAL PROJECTION AWARD (second prize for International Feature Films).


In 2020 – a year that unfortunately we will hardly forget – we have screened in local movie theaters and we have been to 52 Alcances, the most prestigious documentary festival in Andalusia. Likewise, we have been invited to the 65 SEMINCI in Valladolid among the three films in the #CineyVino oficial section. We have celebrated the Most Penedès X Anniversary being part of the special selection and having had a great rating on Filmin by spectators (8’8/10). We have been to the BIFED, international documentary festival on ecology in Bozcaada, land of wine too; there we sell out the tickets. At the end of November 2020 we had to screen in Moscow, at the Museum of Cinema, in the official competitive section of AMBROSIA Food & Drink Film Festival. We were the film scheduled to close the contest and clasified by the jury as «finalist».


The film has been produced in Spain. By june 2021 we are looking for international distribution. Documentary is available in 55′ (no english subt. yet), 93′ and 104′.

The documentary is not easy to classify (unless you are a sales agent). We think it should especially appeal to people interested in Sherry and wine and/or wine industry and economy, 20th century economy, industrialization, globalization, food industry and commerce, local industries. It is clearly not a gastronomy-oriented, trendy, documentary. There would be options in territories related to Great Britain – for many years Sherry was a British wine made somewhere else – or with a very strong winemaking tradition.


We were going to call this a trayler but let´s call it a demo. You can use the CC button for english subtitles:

We also have the opening sequence, with subtitles too, at the CC button:

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